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25 Years Ago - German Tolkien Society founded #OTD

Today is one of the days when I tend to get a little melancholic. 

On August 1st, 1997, me and a bunch of friends from uni celebrated the Inaugural Convocation of the German Tolkien Society at the Kyffhäuser Keller at Kyhffhäuserstraße 47, 50674 Köln, in the early evening. 

Great speeches were given, a wide range of mostly alcoholic beverages was consumed, and the vaulted underground cellar of the then students' bar heard many proclamations of dreams and visions what the German Tolkien Society could and should be (unfortunately, the bar is no longer there and even its last iteration, the Cubanito Cocktail Bar, seems to have fallen prey to the pandemic (Opens in a new window).)

Last weekend I participated in the GTS' annual moot, the Tolkien Thing at the beautiful knights' estate in Lützensömmern, Thuringia - report upcoming! - and finally bought a copy of the Chronik - the Chronicles - published in 2019, looking back at the first twenty years of the society. 

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