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The Lamb & Flag will return - I was there

As I have mentioned I was part of the two+ dozen Tolkien content creators Prime Video invited for a tour to Oxford and a sneak peek The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power footage.

I will get into more details on everything but wanted to let you know that one thing was truly amazing about the day in Oxford - our last stop of the day was a visit to the Lamb & Flag!

Now, you may imagine that I was dancing on the ceiling, so to speak, as most of the other Tolkienists did not fully appreciate the meaning of this. The L&F is still closed, despite a few days of opening, and it is still under renovation. Basically, it is already in working condition, that is, we got some decent beers and we could also sit down, but one room - the one with the original firesite (all info with my former post on this (Opens in a new window)) - is still under full renovation and the cellars still are an issue. 

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