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What's got my attention this week

Things to read, watch and listen to this weekend

Scottish First Minister and leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon resigned this week, like former New Zealand premier Jacinda Ardern, it seems she'd had enough

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• The resignation wasn't a surprise, but the timing was. Wherever you stand on her politics, this piece (Opens in a new window) takes an interesting look at Nicola Sturgeon seizing the narrative. While this looks at the extra layer of scrutiny (Opens in a new window) and abuse women are subject to.
• Want to know how you'd look with "tweakments" (Opens in a new window)? Botox refusenik, Times Fashion Director Anna Murphy, found out. (£)
American's oldest female senator (Opens in a new window), Dianne Feinstein, is stepping down – at 89.
• Wondering about vaginal hyaluronic acid (Opens in a new window)? Dr Jen Gunter has some views.
• Are separate bedrooms the answer to long-term love? These people think so. (Opens in a new window)
• Actress Ellen Barkin is "all out of f*cks". (Opens in a new window)
• A Virginia school wants to ban The Handmaid's Tale (Opens in a new window). Good luck with that, says Margaret Atwood.

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