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What's caught my attention this week

Well, this wasn't part of the plan, but I'm already discovering that's one of the great things about this community – we can do what the hell we want. And what you wanted was a Friday culture drop! So, here it is...

 Lauren Hutton, wrinkles and all, on the cover of the May issue of US Bazaar

• Lauren Hutton still doing it her way (Opens in a new window) at 78.
• A look at the impact of the HRT shortage (Opens in a new window) on women's mental and physical health, featuring yours truly.
Roxane Gay (Opens in a new window), Jessica Valenti (Opens in a new window) and Jill Filipovic (Opens in a new window) – just some of the voices raised in horror and anger at the leaked Roe v Wade summary document that looks set to destroy American women's access to legal abortion.
• Data brokers are selling the location data of people who visit US abortion clinics (Opens in a new window).
• In defence of enthusiasm (Opens in a new window).
I don't have a best friend (Opens in a new window), why should that be weird?
McKenzie Scott (Opens in a new window) could teach tech billionaires (esp her ex Jeff Bezos) a thing or two about philanthropy.
Wellness is out (Opens in a new window), martinis are in (praise be).
• Writers on rooms of their own. (Opens in a new window)
Hips don't lie, Liam Gallagher, (Opens in a new window) there's no shame in getting them fixed.
• Reconsidering the legacy of the Spice Girls (Opens in a new window)25 years on. (25!)
• The art of furnishing rooms with books you haven't read (Opens in a new window).
• Why I'm obsessed with the "coastal grandma" (Opens in a new window) look.
• More demented ladies (Opens in a new window) on TV please! 

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