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What's got my attention this week

The Friday round-up of things to read, watch & listen to this weekend

Apo Whang-Od, the 106-year-old cover star of Vogue Philippines beauty issue. Could this be more beautiful? (Pic: Artune Po.)

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Apo Whang-Od (Opens in a new window), the oldest ever Vogue cover star at 106, the oldest living mambabatok and one of only a handful of indigenous peoples ever to feature on Vogue.
• By insane contrast, actor Justine Bateman has been getting stick for having, whisper it, lines. Guess what? She couldn't give a toss! (Opens in a new window) (And how screwed is Western society?)
• When Maggie Smith's poem went viral, (Opens in a new window) she couldn't have foreseen that it would signal the death knell for her marriage.
• Want to sort out the climate emergency? Call an older woman. (Opens in a new window)
• Are we using nostalgia (Opens in a new window) as a shield against unhappiness?
• Can you conceive of Drew Barrymore having a hot flush live on air (Opens in a new window) even five years ago? (Even two, frankly!)
• This piece by Terri White on the teacher who saved her life (Opens in a new window) is excellent.

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