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What's got my attention this week

Things to read, watch and listen to this weekend

Anna Wintour and Bill Nighy at the MetGala

Vogue Editor Anna Wintour and actor Bill Nighy (both 73, incidentally) stole the show at the MetGala fuelling ongoing "are they-aren't they" dating gossip. Jealous, much.

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• This incredibly moving piece by Ashley Judd (Opens in a new window), a year on from her mother Naomi's death by suicide.
• What happens when an introvert goes on a group fitness retreat? (Opens in a new window)
• Actor Jennifer Ehle (Opens in a new window) might not be a headline grabber, but she's often the best thing in whatever she's in.
• Writer E Jean Carroll's appearance in court at Donald Trump's rape trial got a lot of coverage. This is one of the best pieces I've read. (Opens in a new window)
• And following on from that, there's this: Why didn't you scream? (Opens in a new window)And other questions not to ask a rape victim.
• Remembering the Egyptian childhood I never had (Opens in a new window), through its culinary traditions.
• It's time to learn to love ambiguity. (Opens in a new window) £
• One of my all-time favourite writers, Deborah Levy, on her rise from "the ashes of domesticity". (Opens in a new window)

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