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April bookclub reveal!

This month's book embodies the spirit of the season and has so much to say about how and why we grow

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After the success of our first non-fiction bookclub choice, Katherine May's Wintering, at the end of last year, I wanted to bring you more transporting, moving non-fiction as part of our bookclub selection. Wintering was a tough act to follow, though, so I've taken my time to make sure it's the right title. After trawling through a lot (a lot!) of books, I've found her! Why Women Grow by Alice Vincent is nothing short of wonderful. (You may have already seen me banging on about it in earlier newsletters (Opens in a new window).) Part-memoir, part-exploration, part-conversation, part-love letter, Alice takes her deep appreciation of gardening and asks why so many women feel an affinity with the soil and how our gardening journeys often reflect our life journeys. 

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