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May bookclub reveal

And now for something COMPLETELY different!

Meet Big Swiss! A character like no other – and May's pick for The Shift Bookclub.

From 1 June, all paying members of The Shift With Sam Baker will have access to the bookclub over on Substack. More info by clicking the button below.

Big Swiss is tall, blonde, Swiss (obv), dressed head to toe in white – and she loves dogs. And Greta is obsessed with her.

Just one problem, all of that is in Greta's imagination because she's never met her. Greta is a transcriber who works for Big Swiss's sex therapist, and she has only ever heard her voice. But all that is about to change when the two women bump into each other walking their dogs in the local park...

I'm not going to tell you any more other than this: I honestly can't think of the last time I read anything quite so funny, inventive, sexy and out there! It's joy in book form and it's no surprise that it's already being turned into a TV series by HBO starring Jodie (Killing Eve) Comer as Big Swiss.

I love love love this book!

Jen's publishers have kindly given me 20 copies to give away to The Shift bookclub members. To be in with a chance, email me at and don't forget to include your postal address. (And if you're unlucky, Big Swiss is out in hardback next week. You can buy it from Amazon (Opens in a new window), Waterstones (Opens in a new window), The Shift bookshop on (Opens in a new window) or order it from your local indie.)

Jen will be joining us for a live bookclub on Tuesday June 13th at 7pm BST.
Get it in your diaries now and I'll send a link nearer the time.

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