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What's got my attention this week?

Want some ideas for things to read, watch and listen to this weekend? Look no further...

Winona Ryder, US Bazaar's July cover star at 50, in a week when both Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz announced new movies. Be still my adolescent heart!

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Winona Ryder is back (Opens in a new window). For me (and to judge by my Instagram, many others), she never went away.
Why the hell shouldn't Angela Rayner go to the opera (Opens in a new window)? The current government reveals just how classist it really is.
• Have you forgotten how to holiday (Opens in a new window)? I have.
• How attitudes to bereaved women (Opens in a new window) are finally changing.
• Annie E Proulx on the importance of swamps (Opens in a new window) in saving our climate. (Trust me, it's fascinating!)

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