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The most popular pieces on The Shift this year

From The Menopause Backlash to Leonardo DiCaprio And The Dating Double Standard to Grannies Fighting Back, these are the pieces you loved in 2022

Nobody ever said it better than Carrie, who died six years ago this week 😪

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How are the holidays for you so far? Surviving?! If you need a few minutes (hours, days...) away from the family, here are some of the pieces you loved on The Shift this year. And if you got a membership of The Shift for Christmas, welcome! We're delighted you've joined us. You can find the rest of the archive here (Opens in a new window). Happy reading. Sx

1. It Was Just What You Had To Do
The first ever piece on The Shift looked at the things we "just put up with" at work in the 80s, 90s and noughties after Sharon Stone laughed when an interviewer asked her if she'd ever experienced sexual harassment at work. Read it here. (Opens in a new window)

2. The Menopause Backlash Is Here.
Where there is a woman speaking out about anything, there is another woman (why is it always a woman?) writing a newspaper article about why she should shut up. And so it came to pass as hundreds and thousands of women decided they'd had enough of going quietly into the post-menopause abyss in silence, the menopause backlash began. Read it here. (Opens in a new window) 

3. Will we ever be glad to be grey?
Just because Julia Fox says it's cool. Going grey is a different matter if it's not voluntary, would you rather pull out your nails with pliers than? Are you totally conflicted? Wish you didn't care but...? Me too. Read it here. (Opens in a new window)

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