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Things to read, watch & listen to this month

A bumper round up as we head into a bumper month of bank holidays!

a pile of short books, Bad Sisters, Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt of Everything But The Girl, a bottle of Diptyque l'eau de papier fragrance

Clockwise from top left: short books, Bad Sisters, Everything But The Girl, Diptyque fragrance L'eau Papier

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As we head into back-to-back bank holidays, I've merged this week's newsletters to bring you a bumper haul of things I've been scrolling, streaming and shopping to keep you going through the coronation television coverage as it, erm, ramps up. (You might be all in for a weekend with Huw and Kirsty on your sofa, but if you're not, here are some ideas!)

• Writer E.Jean Carroll has taken Donald Trump to court for rape (Opens in a new window). Why isn't it bigger news?
• For the Women's Prize for fiction, (Opens in a new window) this is the year of writers over 40. (Almost over 50, even.) £
Is irritation under-rated (Opens in a new window)?
• "What happened when I stopped forcing myself out of bed at 5am (Opens in a new window) everyday."
• This is the best Guardian Blind Date (Opens in a new window) I've ever read.
Sharleen Spiteri (Opens in a new window) has a brilliant method for dealing with perimenopause rage. £
• How to build a wardrobe you never think about. (Opens in a new window) £
• What does it really mean to be sexually fluid (Opens in a new window)?

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