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What's got my attention this week

Things to read, watch & listen to this weekend

Little person Sinead Burke on the cover of British Vogue

Well, here's a thing that would never have happened even five years ago. Little person, diversity advocate Sinead Burke on the cover of May 2023 Vogue

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• Sinead Burke on why nothing is more fashionable than inclusivity. (Opens in a new window)
• Talking of firsts, actress Rachel McAdams (Opens in a new window) did an interview and shoot with Bustle where she displayed the less than immaculate body of a fortysomething woman who's had two children, and underarm hair. Radical is relative!
Female ambition (Opens in a new window) isn't a reason relationships end. Patriarchy is.
What is a breakfast salad (Opens in a new window)? And should you care? (I'm sticking with toast.)
• Do you have positive affective presence (Opens in a new window)?
• IMHO Philippa Perry is the best agony aunt, bar none! Take her advice to this woman agonising over whether to put her abusive father in a home (Opens in a new window).
Can bad people make good art? (Opens in a new window) (And if you're interested in this, look out for Claire Dederer's brilliant book, Monsters (Opens in a new window), on this subject, out next month
• The women changing the face of Brazil (Opens in a new window) – by ageing naturally.

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