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What's got my attention this week

Things to read, watch & listen to this weekend

Mary Quant fashion designer

Mary Quant, the fashion designer behind the mini skirt, died this week, aged 93

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• This week we lost another history-making fashion designer, Mary Quant (Opens in a new window).
• Jennifer Coolidge's brilliant year continues apace, this time with the cover of the Time100 issue (Opens in a new window). She told Mia Farrow (yep, you read that right) why this sudden success at 61 leaves her completely baffled (Opens in a new window).
• Love this piece about the significance of the local bench (Opens in a new window).
• No7 has launched another miracle skincare product that's got waiting lists up the wazoo. But does it do even a fraction of what it claims? (Opens in a new window) £
Older women in the nude (Opens in a new window): the opposite of invisibility? (These images give me life.)
• Why you should ditch the bucket list (Opens in a new window).
• What nobody tells you about what menopause can (NOT WILL) do to your sex life. (Opens in a new window)
• How Everything But The Girl got their groove back (Opens in a new window). And a new album.

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