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Ask me anything!

There's a first time for everything...

OK, so I might live to regret this, but I'm going to try my first Ask Me Anything session tomorrow night (that's Tuesday 31st May) at 6pm BST. And I mean anything... work, life, celebrity gossip, trivial, intense, personal (although I will say no if I feel it's TMI – even for me!)

Here's how we'll do it:

• Post your questions in the comments on the post by clicking the link below which will take you to the post (I hope!).

• I'll be online from 6-7pm Tuesday 31st May and I'll prioritise the live questions, so the members who are actually there can see their questions answered in real time.

• As I know this time isn't necessarily going to work for everyone, you can post questions in advance. And if I don't get to them while we're live, I'll try to do the rest afterwards.

• And btw, this is only available to you lovely people who are fully paid-up members of The Shift.

Hope to see you tomorrow evening