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It's that time again where we fire into your inboxes playlists of nearly six hours of new music related to what we've been covering on tQ over the past month. While you're listening, have a read of what our staffers thought were the best ten albums of July 2022 in this round-up feature here. A quick note about your other subscriber perks for last month. If you missed it, do check you inboxes for the Organic Intelligence newsletter about the Swiss underground of the 1980s. There's also our Luke Turner's essay on why there's more to popular sitcom Dad's Army than meets the eye, and of course the Low Culture podcast – the next edition of that will be coming to your usual pod platforms (podforms?) in the coming day. Sound & Vision subscribers might be wondering what happened to their July release. Our apologies for the delay, this was caused by a nasty Covid outbreak in the group who were going to be providing it, but we will be making up for it with  two releases coming out in August. Without further ado, you can find your July 2022 playlists via Spotify here, Apple here and Tidal here. Thanks as ever for supporting our work, all you subscribers have made such an incredible difference over the past two years. Until next time,


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