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Low Culture Podcast: Diamanda's in the mine

In the popular Home Alone series of films, a young lad succeeds in fighting off burglars and villains when his parents leave him by himself for a night or so. Yet what happens when two middle-aged writers are left behind when their better halves disappear on a summer holiday? In this month’s edition of the subscriber only tQ Low Culture podcast, John Doran and Luke Turner discuss the pitfalls of a few days on their tod and how, in Wiltshire and London respectively, they resorted to Ted Lasso and scouring the freezer for lamb and peas to cope. They also recommend their cultural picks for the month of August, defying the expectations and clichés of the sunny season by recommending that you listen to Diamanda Galás’ intense and astonishing new album Broken Gargoyles. They also have wonderful things to say about reading Ru Callender’s forthcoming memoir of being a radical green undertaker, What Remains: Life, Death and the Human Art of Undertaking. In less goth4lyf antics, they heap praise on The Horgenaith, a brand-new album from Bristol-based artist Sarahson which you can listen to here (Opens in a new window).  The Quietus Low Culture podcast is produced by Alannah Chance. Listen to the podcast below:

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