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The Preserve Journal: Digital Assemblage

🍃 TPj is an independent print publication dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable and responsible food culture 🍃
by The Preserve Journal

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The Preserve Journal: Digital Assemblage

After 6 years of publishing The Preserve Journal, we are creating "The Preserve Journal: Digital Assemblage" as our digital space and membership platform, where we can share our in-depth content with you, our dear readers - beyond the printed pages.

Who we are

What we do

Why we created this online platform + memberships

Two main reasons: 

1. We have received so many wonderful requests for meaningful digital content.

2. We are asking for financial support to make sure that TPJ continues to exist in a world of rapidly rising prices.

What we offer here

Why it means the world to us if you sign up!

We started out as a full volunteer project, with everyone involved working full-time jobs/full-time studies, etc in day hours and putting all our extra care and time into bringing TPJ to the world. This has been some magical but also complicated years as we have been navigating the complex waters of balancing passionate volunteer work in busy everyday lives, making sure that everyone's well-being always comes first. But the world is changing, since COVID and now inflation - printing costs, website/banking/accounting/  fees have all been rising by sometimes more than 40%, which makes it harder and harder to print and publish as we do: carefully, uncompromising, and fully independent and advertisement free. 

We do everything ourselves: from concepts and design to editing and sales, to accounting and communications, from distribution to print process management, and from content curation to content creation - but