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textur is a print and digital maga(zine) considering art through text and text as an art medium.
by Juli / the Editorial Team

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Since launching with its first issue in 2018, textur has gradually expanded to encompass more than just writing about art - offering a platform for text/writing as art, including experimental, poetry and prose, and for artists who write as part of their art practice. 

textur produces one riso-printed maga(zine) issue per year curated around a specific topic at the intersection of art and society (to date: hospitality, branding, sustainability, bureaucracy, solidarity, and baggage). Since 2021, we have been printing and binding the issues ourselves - each with a different color scheme and character - giving the magazine a particularly hand-made quality. 

It is part of our mission to work as sustainably as possible. That's why we only produce one issue per year and keep the print run relatively small. Outside of our issues, we also publish texts online and in other print formats like posters. 

Memberships on Steady not only help us cover the costs of printing and materials, but also fees for the artists and writers who contribute to the magazine. As freelance art workers ourselves, being able to pay contributors for the work that they do is especially important to us. In addition, it is also a primary concern that the content of our magazine remains freely accessible for those who cannot afford to buy a print issue. 

Becoming a paying member helps us meet these two essential goals and continue our work, with the added possibility of publishing more writers and contributions in future issues.  

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