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Last Episode HKW Podcast On Music: Shaping Dancefloors, Locally

Club culture is a global phenomenon, but usually only a few centers are in the focus of general perceptions. What challenges do protagonists face away from the big cities? What conditions shape dance floors and their social contexts there? In Shaping Dance Floors, Locally, organizers and club activists from small German towns talk about how they create space for dance and dialogue in their specific contexts and thus continue to work on the large, common project of a politics of dance floors.

With Sedef Adasi, Gîn Bali, Ramin Büttner, Maurice Neugebauer, Ulrike Schell

Commentary: Sarj Lynch, production, sound design and editing: Julia Vorkefeld, interviews and script: Arno Raffeiner

In collaboration with Refuge Worldwide

Curated by Transmission (Sarah Farina and Kerstin Meißner (Opens in a new window)

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