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Queer Creative Media Production Studio, focused on counterculture(s) and music via Podcasts, Documentaries, and Sonic Fiction
by JVorkefeld

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Getting First Sonicnauten. Development of new documentary, fictional and Podcast-Projects.

Quality over Quantity. Audio is Art. Studio UTZ stands for an open mind, for deep research, for well written and well produced stories, as well as for technological innovation and transmediale storytelling.

Studio UTZ uses queer narratives with the ambition to give different perspectives on pop culture, music, technology and society. Studio UTZ produce high quality audio content and shall be a door to create fresh, funny, weird, relaxing, artistic or scary stories and world of sounds without any genre-fixation.

Jul Vorkefeld is creating audio documentaries, fiction and podcasts since 2013 for BR2, WDR3, HKW and Detektor FM. Jul also writes as a music critic for BR2 Kulturwelt, TV Music Deluxe and queer magazines, such as Siegessäule and Lmag.

What drives me, is curiosity. With Studio UTZ, I want to create a platform for high quality content without the pressure of producing mainstream products. 

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