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HKW Podcast On Music: How to do things with sound

A musical and intellectual journey into the myth and narratives of the world of sound

In the final years of the Soviet Union, how did the subculture win over conceptual and real freedoms? Did a trail lead from occupied houses in Moscow and St. Petersburg to the Afrofuturism of Sun Ra and Missy Elliott? Musicologists Giada Dalla Bontà (Opens in a new window) and Holger Schulze (Opens in a new window) trace the developmental lines of sonic fiction. They follow the mythical language around the term coined by Kodwo Eshun and explore the potential of sounds and their narratives as a liberating force.

Directed and produced by Julia Vorkefeld, commentary by Sarj Lynch (Opens in a new window), script and concept by Arno Raffeiner (Opens in a new window)


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