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Please, support me, my work and my pet friends.

My pet friends at home are Laika (Dog), Silas (Dog), "The little one" (Cat) and Dicker (Cat)
by Stefan

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For years I have been active in animal protection and so far I have taken all my pets from the animal shelters in my region. 

Currently I have two dogs and two cats living with me. Unfortunately I lost many of my faithful friends during the last year. Whatever is painful. But I can't see it either, how many animals are still simply given away. And therefore I will continue...

Furthermore I love to take pictures, especially of my pet loving friends. But also landscapes, nature and people....

Unfortunately, honorary work is not respected and hardly sponsored. Nevertheless I try to support animal protection actively, e.g. by welcoming home of animals, with photo shootings, from which all income goes to the animal shelter etc.

So I can join my two passions and live it out for a good reason.

My hope with this site is that I can succeed in winning over people who love animals and are interested in photography to support my small and modest work a little (Food, fuel, photoshooting, equipment....)

Thank you.....