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by Rolf Stange

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A window that provides a free and very panoramic view on Svalbard from anywhere in the world - that is how you could describe (Opens in a new window). This website is rooted in my own personal enthusiasm for the Spitsbergen archipelago, that is where it all came from. The point is to enable everybody who shares that interest or even passion for the Arctic to indulge in its beauty, to pick up inspiration and knowledge. There is an amazing amount of both background information and pictures of all sorts, enabling you to travel the remotest islands wherever in the world you are. There are information pages about the various islands, fjords and places, about the history, wildlife and flora. There are literally hundreds of photo pages with 360 degree panoramic images and conventional photos and text describing the location. Pages are constantly being added, and the same goes for the news and blog section, which usually gets up to something near 100 updates a year. In three languages: English, German and Norwegian!

All this work has, in more than 15 years at the time of writing, resulted in the creation of probably the most comprehensive Svalbard web resource to be found anywhere on the internet. And it is just there for you, at no cost, no paywall, no membership-only section, not even paid advertising, as you may well have noticed. How cool is that?

But taking care of such a huge website, let alone improving and adding to it, takes a lot of effort both in terms of time and money. Please help us to keep (Opens in a new window) free of paywalls and paid adverts by supporting us financially through Steady!

The idea is, in any case, to keep the whole website available to everybody. There are no plans to introduce a paywall or exclusive members only sections. I  constantly keep improving this website and adding to it - bonus-content for everybody! Please help me to continue thus way!