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ERASMUS Sabbatical

May 2021

Europe, the European idea is in trouble. The COVID-19 pandemic is a  crisis which has cast new shadows over the EU. It is a crisis which  hardly is been used as an opportunity to step back, reflect and change  direction. 

On top of this, the most likely outcome of the pandemic will be  increasing disparities. People with low income and low education levels  will suffer more and longer from the crises than high income people and  high education levels. Just think about who is able to work comfortably  from a home office and to do so in a spacious environment. Furthermore,  in many cases the places which suffered heavily from the 2008 financial  crises are expected to suffer more and longer from the pandemic. Take,  for example, Mediterranean tourism regions. In many of them the tourism  sector is expected to reach pre-COVID levels only in 4-5 years from now.

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