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Scenario snapshots of a post COVID-19 EU

Recovery strategies shaping new normals

May 2021

Governments across the world have already introduced policies to tackle impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the EU has started to implement an ambitious recovery plan. With lockdowns being reimposed, assumptions about a ‘new normal’ are back. The next step is to think and plan for the future. Financial support is seen as key to making the world go round again. Drawing on discussions about options for recovery strategies, this brief gives three scenario snapshots of what could shape post COVID-19 normals in the EU and which territories may be affected more, or less.

The three scenario snapshots are a result of internal discussions within the Spatial Foresight team and stem from the team’s foresight zeal. The short scenario snapshots do not force individual solutions and are not presented as the only options, nor do they show every possible outcome of each pathway. They look to initiate debate and provide food for thought about how recovery strategies could construct ‘new normals’.

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