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Luxembourg's vision for a resilient, inclusive and competitive economy 2050

October 2023

In the heart of Europe, Luxembourg has presented a bold vision for its economic future with the aim to strengthen resilience, inclusivity, and competitiveness by the year 2050. This ambitious objective, entrusted to Luxembourg Stratégie by the minister of economy, requires proactive measures to navigate the complex economic, societal, environmental and spatial transitions ahead. Recognising the risks and challenges posed by rising inequalities, slowing growth, and ecological boundaries, Luxembourg seeks to identify new entrepreneurial opportunities that will safeguard the quality of life for future generations and enhance the country's overall attractiveness.

The ministry of economy established Luxembourg Stratégie with a mission to equip its policies with tools for strategic foresight. This was a long and intensive process, which culminated in the presentation of a vision of Luxembourg’s economy in 2050. The visioning process involved a wide range of stakeholder participation events, a series of scientific background studies, and a set of three possible scenarios.

ECO2050 Vision: Guiding the Transition

The strategic vision ECO2050 - Towards a Resilient, Inclusive, and Competitive Economy (Opens in a new window) sets out to reinvent Luxembourg’s economic model to become less carbon-intensive, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It offers a compass that aligns various national strategies – including industrial development, research & innovation, energy, climate, mobility and spatial development – towards greater coherence. This vision is constructed on ten pillars that form the foundation of a new economy:

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