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Enhancing Cross-Border Cooperation: A Spatial Analysis of Eifel-Ostbelgien-Éislek Region

October 2023

Regional cross-border cooperation projects and programmes can contribute to the prosperity and quality of life in the region. By cooperating across borders, challenges can be addressed that are not stopped by administrative or physical borders like labour market dynamics, migration, healthcare provision and environmental impacts. Regions can learn and benefit from each other, align policies and make governance more efficient, fostering a stronger cohesion and common identity in the EU.

In the heart of Europe, the cooperation area Eifel-Ostbelgien-Éislek brings together municipalities from Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. Its landscape includes the Eifel National Park, the Ardennes Mountains, and the Moselle Valley.

As an initiative of the Ministry of the German-speaking Community Belgium, the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning of Luxembourg, and the Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture Rhineland-Palatinate and supported by the funding opportunities of the Interreg Programme Greater Region, a spatial analysis of the Eifel-Ostbelgien-Éislek was conducted. It was developed in exchange with local stakeholders and fed into the participatory development of a common strategy for the region. The goal of the analysis was to support a sustainable and harmonious cross-border spatial development in this functional area. It provides a comprehensive examination of the region's spatial dynamics, outlining actionable insights for the future development strategy, based on a meticulous analysis of the region's strengths and challenges.

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