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There is one person you will be spending the rest of your life with. Maybe now is a good time to get to know yourself.

The study of the self. The psychology of wellness. The art of self-awareness. Insights. Exercises. Tools. Pods. Slides. Vids. x 100s.
by SD

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For individuals - groups - facilitators - teachers - students - therapists - clients - life coaches -  mental health champions - employers - employees - people engaged in the criminal justice system - survivors - healers

Nurturing - supportive - non-judgemental - safe - mutual aid - person-centred - pro-social - empowering

Self Detective is an opportunity for people to find out more about themselves in order to improve their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their communities. This can be done solo, via one-two-one, or in  group settings, remotely or face to face.

In practical terms Self Detective is an ever-increasing resource for everyday wisdom: easy to understand insights that can be applied to our own lives to help us overcome adversity and improve the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others. 

The concept of Self Detective was developed as a labour of love in the North East of England by a group of counsellors & psychotherapists. They were puzzled by how little - as a society in general - we know ourselves and how we come to think, feel and act in the ways we do (and how much trouble this lack of knowledge can cause us). They came up with a way of aggregating information from the world of psychology, philosophy, the arts and humanities, etc, that could be turned into useful nuggets for people to pick and mix their way through at different times in their life. 

These might include some of the following themes: The self - personal development - relationships - coping strategies - thinking, feeling and actions, the process of change - trauma and recovery - power and control - self-identity - grief, loss and estrangement - self-worth - creativity and expression - sex and sexuality - overcoming fears - authenticity and bullshit.

We would love you to join our community, help to shape it, and help to pass on the message of empowerment and liberation through self-knowledge and self-awareness.