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Public-Interest Journalism is our role. Editorial Independence is our habit. We publish investigative news and objective analysis.
by Editor-In-Chief

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We deal in "forbidden stories." With $600 a month, we will give you better analyses on a weekly basis. Please enable us to invest in independent, public-interest journalism you've always desired.

OUR news is uncensored, independent and objective. In a hostile environment against objective and independent media, Sauti Kubwa has been striving to provide a reliable platform where you can enjoy the benefits of the freedom of thought and expression. This is an online breathing space in defense of democracy; a formidable tool in the fight against grand corruption.

This initiative is a practical proof that repressive laws can be circumvented and that dictatorship can be defeated. It is a breathing space for free-minded citizens, journalists and analysts - a place where "forbidden stories" can be published uncensored. 

Sauti Kubwa was established by an editor in exile who, in October 2017, narrowly escaped abduction by state assassins in Tanzania. Championing freedom of expression, he founded Sauti Kubwa in April 2018 and hosted it in Europe at a time when the Tanzanian government - in its quest to silence critical media - made it mandatory for online media to seek government approval and license. 

Since then, Sauti Kubwa has become a lifeline of "forbidden" stories and analysis on, and from, Tanzania. Complementing mainstream media, it has been serving Tanzanians and friends of Tanzania all over the world, and it has become a free platform for civil societies, political parties, student unions, religious organisations, human rights organisations, diplomats, as well as academic and media practitioners.  

Sauti Kubwa is a Swahili term for Loud Voice. It represents the people's loud voice against autocracy, the people's loud voice against corruption, the people's loud voice for freedom of speech, and the people's loud voice in defense of democracy. Three years of our voluntary work have produced what you see and enjoy today at Sauti Kubwa. 

Now we dream bigger. We need your support to keep this voice going, to make it louder and far-reaching. You can support this noble initiative by becoming a member NOW. A small contribution of $5 every month will keep us stronger, bigger and better. Please subscribe now!

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