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Ritual Burning

We gathered in a woodyard, on King's-land: we burnt up items that were simultaneously precious and onerous.  

Inherited Junk: A Liberation by Fire. 

Magic and charm underwrote this intimate meeting. A drum procession lent ceremony and the fire gave out it's warmth, the heat and smoky particles generated by unwanted items escaping through the roof-gap into the cold night sky, transmitting impish and oily energy to the winds, perhaps reaching Myanmar...

Unwanted Painting "In a Blaze of Glory"

"Thank you for the event on Sunday and all the care you put into it to make it special.

I hadn't realised how burdened I felt...

It was a transformative event for me in particular because I get stuck on things/stuff that deep down I feel obliged towards. I am pleased and privileged to have taken part and felt you handled it with great sensitivity, giving the event its due gravity and so, power to effect change."

Margaret, Ritual Burning Participant


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