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Creating Transformation

Feminist art, participatory ritual, culture change, and how to navigate it all as we develop inclusive, creative, equitable communities
by Sarah

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Welcome to the place to celebrate (your) feminine genius!

As an artist and creator, designer and scientist, witch and Goddess-worshipper, I am above all always examining thought patterns and cultural behaviours - in myself and in society around me.

As a white woman with chronic illness, something that might be called ADHD, and a child, I am interested in understanding my social position - privileges and marginalisations, which are unique for each of us. 

What can you expect from this publication?

I write about injustice, with a sharp and imaginative lens. I write about my own experiences and how they link to wider patterns. I will share with you my art projects, from making a breastfeeding game for the National Gallery London, to melting down family silver and reworking it into simple tools.

I bring forth my background in Biology, experiences living in the Amazon, dreamwork, shamanic journeying and childbirth, anti-racism learning and connecting dots that many of us can't see in all the noise of contemporary media. 

I am the creator (with my husband) of The Periodic Table of Brilliant Women and Girls (Opens in a new window) - a founding member of The Women's Art Activation System (Opens in a new window) - inventor of rituals, art and culture (Opens in a new window) - and a member of The Silver Spoons Collective (Opens in a new window), addressing the legacy of witch hunts.

Here I will make sure you get fed regular content about some great female artists that have been supressed from history and the present, a significant shift in our thinking to embrace the female genius that has been consistently buried over centuries. You will be challenged to increase your internal power and grow your sense of the female in the world as a potent force. I will share exclusive content about projects in development, my process and new work. 

I love conversation and welcome your engagement - whether that's quietly reading or having a ding-dong debate in comments.