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An independent magazine showcasing arts, music + culture from across Greater Manchester.
by Salt Team

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So far 21 members support Salt Magazine with £86 per month

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46% of £189 per month reached
Raising this amount would allow us to cover our costs and pay freelancers

Why should you support Salt?

Salt Magazine is an editorially and financially independent publication, run entirely by a small group of volunteers from Greater Manchester. We don't make a profit from the magazine and currently rely on donations to keep everything ticking over. 

Instead of crowding our website with advertisements, we want to create a community of readers who share our values and desire to provide a platform for emerging creative talent in Greater Manchester. As the magazine grows, we will be able to offer more benefits to our supporters to thank them for supporting Salt.

How will we use your money?

- Paying freelance writers and graphic designers.

- Website hosting costs and services such as Soundcloud Pro.

- Software costs such as the Adobe Creative Suite.

- Technical equipment for our podcast and future projects.

- Developing Salt Magazine into a more sustainable publication.

- Creating physical zines and magazine issues.

Ultimately, your subscription to Salt Magazine secures the future of the publication.

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