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Rabbel Magazine is for girls exploring identity through creative expression, and who are purposefully seeking out a sense of belonging and collaboration.

After publishing three issues of our much-coveted print magazine, we are expanding our community online, so we can reach readers from around the world and meet them where they are. We are publishing inspiring creative content regularly to our website, including how-tos, videos, creative exercises, writing prompts, art projects, and printables to keep the fires burning between our biannual print editions.

In light of school closings around the world, we are committed to publishing fresh creative content daily, and we do it without any backing from advertisers, sponsors, or financial backing. We recognize that times are tough, but in order to grow our global movement, please consider supporting us by becoming a member.

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Become a member in order to help grow the community you know and love, enabling us to reach girls everywhere. Becoming a member will also ensure we are able to offer our online creative content to all readers, even those who cannot afford a membership at this time. Solidarity is a core value of the Rabbel community and we believe all girls deserve the opportunity to express themselves in an exclusive, empowering community.

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