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Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Roof

by Jackson

It can be unfortunate if your roof is damaged beyond repair. The thought of costs and time literally drains you from head to toe. But if you get in touch with a licensed contractor for your needs, you can get started within the minimum possible time. However, there are a few things that you might consider, or questions you must ask while choosing to get your roof replaced by a contractor. Here’s a quick rundown.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

Of course, you wouldn’t want to fall into the hands of a fake contractor. Ask them about what certifications or licenses they have and for how long the maintenance packages last under insurance and warranty.

Do you provide written estimates?

Right from the quote to the actual contract, any reliable Roofing Company In Dallas should give you written estimates to ensure legal compliance. Ask these questions because they save a lot of hassle later. 

2. Do you take away the debris?

Make sure to ask the contractor if they are responsible for refuse removal from the project site or not. Many times the specifics of responsibilities can lead to unnecessary tussles. So give a good amount of thought to it and clarify your doubts. 

3. What do you do to keep the house safe?

Will the repairmen just replace the roof at their discretion or will they take proper assessment and protection measures? Clarify your doubts regarding this from the contractor and make sure that no damage is inflicted on your property. 

4. Who is the contact person?

What if things mess up? Who takes care of that? What is the company’s address and proper details? Check-in with your contractor regarding these queries and clarify them. 

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