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A Podcast for Non-Binary Perspectives on (Gender) Power Relations. A Space for Mutual Empowerment & Radical Authenticity. SEASON 4
by Béla Belissima

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In this season, we traveled through five different countries in South and Southeast Asia and in total recorded 17 interviews with queer and trans* individuals. Just in time for pride month we started publishing the first episode of this season and from now on they will go online on a weekly basis. The interviews mainly focus on the themes of decolonial understandings of queerness, trans* resistance & queer-feminist (community) organizing! The guests of this season range widely with their backgrounds and lived experiences; community organizer in Bali, gender non-conforming model in Sri Lanka, trans sex worker in Thailand, forerunner of the feminist movement in India & owner of a gay dance company in Cambodia to name a few. TUNE IN ;)

A general introduction of the podcast:

Hello there,

my name is Béla Belissima and I am a white, non-binary, able-bodied podcast (Opens in a new window) host. Being non-binary has shifted my perspectives on many issues which still involve strict binary thinking and has motivated me to address these. Because in the understanding of identity as a binary, one perspective becomes dominant and hegemonic, while others become marginalized.

Seeing that there is little to no representation of non-binary voices in the (continental) European world of podcasting and media in general, I thought to create this podcast to push for more visibility and critical perspectives on (gender) power relations

In each (biweekly) episode of the podcast, I will talk with one person about a topic that moves them personally or politically. Together we then embed the individual stories into societal structures of (gender) power relations. Talking about queer issues from the perspective of queer people and hereby creating a space for radical authenticity and empowerment is the key goal of this podcast !!

WITH YOUR SUPPORT I can further develop this project, dedicate more time and energy to it and continue to create queer visibility. So if you have some coins to spare, I would appreciate ANY kind of support and I am looking forward to much more thinking beyond ALL binaries. All the plans offer the same benefits of receiving a monthly newsletter as well as an additional monthly reflective episode. I did not want to differentiate because all kind of support is super appreciated while some people might just happen to have more money to spare than others. If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions for topics/guests, etc. please feel free to message me via Instagram (Opens in a new window) or e-mail:

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