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Happy Thursday, dolls! 💖

We hope you’ve been having a good week! Here’s all the new content on The Dollhouse we can’t wait to share with ya!

Let’s get into it….

The Matrix of Micro-Aesthetics: How Trends Ruled 2022

Coquette. Dark Academia. Rockstar Girlfriend. Balletcore. Clean. Downton. Indie Sleaze. Will it ever end? Mia Autumn Roe explores the constant trend cycle of ‘cores’ and ‘eras’, and what it all means.

Read the full essay here (Opens in a new window).

Glad Rags: Maeve on Her Evolving Style

Get your glad rags on gang! Glad Rags is a column where we chat to some of our favourite musician's about their best garms. This week we're joined by alternative electronic pop singer-songwriter Maeve ahead of her new single Can We Just Get High?

Read the full interview here (Opens in a new window).

Disco Dime: High Maintenance I Spy

Disco Dime is back with an I Spy illustration called “High Maintenance I Spy”, a collection of objects and figurines that hold meaning or represent things that have been on their mind!

See the full illustration here (Opens in a new window).

Culture Slut: Overlooked Gay Icons You Should Know

This months Culture Slut column by Misha MN looks at what makes a gay icon, and their favorite overlooked starlets that have left a mark on the collective queer consciousness.

Read the full essay here (Opens in a new window).

Jordan Gray Transplains Herself: On Making Firsts and the Fun of Nudity

Misha MN sits down with comedian, singer and podcaster Jordan Gray to discuss her performance on Channel Four’s Friday Night Live, The Voice, and the second run of her show ‘Is it a Bird?’ at Soho Theatre!

Read the full interview here (Opens in a new window).

How Millennial and Gen Z Toxic Masculinity Took Over The White Lotus Season Two

With White Lotus season two coming to a close, Rianka Gill takes a look at the representations of toxic masculinity in show everyone’s talking about.

Read the full essay here (Opens in a new window).

See ya next week!


The Polyester Team <3

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