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How To Support Independent Feminist Media <3

Hey dolls,

We are so grateful for all your support so far this year – Polyester wouldn’t be what it is without the help of our amazing community. As you might know, 2024 has been a rough year for media so far.

Only four months into the year, new media has already been dealt some harsh blows: we’ve seen the shuttering of, plus mass layoffs at Conde Nast, the LA Times and i-D. 

Without knowing what awaits us in 2024’s uncertain media climate, we really need the help of the Polyester community, so we’d love it if you could share our membership campaign further to help us build our community. That could mean sharing a Dollhouse piece that you’ve loved with a like-minded friend, sharing our campaign posts (Opens in a new window) on social media, or gifting a membership (Opens in a new window) to someone who might love one.

Thank you so much dolls, we love you!


The Polyester Team


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