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Artists on the Verge Podcast

So, you've studied "high" what?
by Ema Katrovas

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What is the Artists on the Verge podcast? 

Artists on the Verge is a podcast about what it means to be an artist, without the starving artist or star-is-born narratives. Hosted by opera-singer-turned-experimental-performer Ema Katrovas, Artists on the Verge includes portraits of “indie” artists who have found interesting ways to continue to create, readings of academic articles from the fields of anthropology, economics or philosophy, fun conversations from the “high/low” art divide, and more.

To read more about me, the host, Ema Katrovas, read blog posts, see descriptions of segments and when they come out, and all other relevant links and info, the best place to go is the website: (Opens in a new window)

Why is this important? 

I decided to start this podcast because, as a young artist, I was missing a platform like this. 

Most cultural journalism is either a disguised promotional campaign (which is what all the interviews with artists in established arts publications are) or reviews. The platforms that do talk about the "realities" (especially economic) of being an artist to other artists do so in order to sell courses and coaching, so their output is centered on giving advice. 

After finishing my apprenticeship, I didn't want any more ADVICE. I just wanted a podcast that OBSERVED the world of artists honestly, asked questions about it, and did research on the economics, anthropology, and politics of the arts.  

So, that's what I created. And, honestly, I still haven't found another platform like it. 

What will I get with my ticket? 

You will get access to various "insider updates." There is a lot of old content (see list of some of the available content below) to which you will get instant access. Currently, I am updating my patrons with blog posts about my experience pursuing a diplôme d'artiste at the CNSMD in Lyon, France and also giving them early access to some podcast episodes. 

Why do all members get access to the same content? 

While getting backstage updates is certainly interesting, supporting this project mainly means you believe in the merit of the platform. I trust your ability to assess how much you can afford to give and, from where I stand, giving anything at all from your own pocket deserves the highest reward. That's why you will get access to all backstage content, no matter how much money you pledge. 

I'm intrigued, but I'm not sure if I want to commit just yet. Is there any way to keep updated on how this project develops? 

Yes! The best way to keep up with this project is to sign up for the newsletter (Opens in a new window), which I send out on the 13th of every month. You can also follow on Instagram: @artists_on_the_verge