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New Europeans International calls for Italian government to respect rule of law 

In an interview with TRT World, Roger Casale, calls for end to standoff in Catania and immediate disembarcation of all remaining migrants on SOS Humanity. (Opens in a new window)

35 men are trapped on board the SOS Humanity,  a humanitarian ship currently docked in the port of Catania, as are another 215 people on the Geo Barents ship, both docked in the port of Catania, Sicily, due to a refusal by the Italian government to allow the men to disembark.

Speaking to TRT World, Roger Casale, founder and Secretary General of New Europeans International said"

"The Italian government has an excellent opportunity to demonstrate its European credentials by complying with the rule of law and allowing all migrants to disembark immediately from SOS Humanity. "

Women and children and those with medical conditions have been allowed to leave the vessel but Italy is claiming that others should not be allowed to do so, in direct contradiction of international law.

SOS Humanity has initiated a fast-track proceeding to guarantee the right to access a formal asylum procedure on land and is calling for the 35 men to be disembarked immediately.  Read more here. (Opens in a new window)

If you would like to help New Europeans International campaign for the rights of migrants and refugees and to defend the rule of law in Europe, please consider joining New Europeans International as a member (if you have not yet done so). It is a great way to support the work we do in Europe.

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