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We are an award-winning international civil rights movement working to safeguard democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe.
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Europe is more than a union of states and nations, of markets and money.

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Above all Europe is a union of people - civil society, towns and cities, citizens and non-citizens. 

Each of us has our contribution to make to the future of Europe. Each of us has a voice, each of us has rights, each of us can make a difference. Through our campaigns, our publications, our media work, our networks and our membership chapters across Europe we work every day to safeguard  European values and strengthen democracy in Europe. How do we do this?

Europe needs to hear the voice of its people like never before.

In an age of pandemics, fake news, rising inequality and climate change, there is not a single challenge that we face that cannot be better met through the active participation of citizens.

We run campaigns to empower citizens and non-citizens to make their voices heard in Europe, including for a Green Card to secure the rights of long-term residents in Europe and for a European Health Union.

We work with partner organisations across Europe such as European Civic Forum and MEDEL Europe, to monitor attacks on democracy, human rights and the rule of law and safeguard the civic space in Europe. 

We work with our members and activists to energise the conversation and help make the Conference on the Future of Europe a success.

We do this through meetings and online events, through our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook page NewEuropeansNews. LinkedIn and Twitter and through our YouTube channel New Europeans_TV.

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We have far more in common than divides us. Standing together in Europe is the only way to guarantee our rights and shape a future of peace, prosperity and democracy in Europe for years to come.

We are a network which brings people together from all corners of Europe, not just within the EU and internationally.

I am a European

What you think, matters. What you have to say, about the future of Europe or any of the challenges facing us in Europe today, matters. Because we are Europeans.

By joining New Europeans, you can be sure your voice will be heard. 

You do not have to have a particular vision of Europe's future (eg nationalism or federalism) and you do not have to be an EU citizen to join New Europeans.

We simply ask you to commit to the values that underpin the European project.

By joining as a member, you will be playing your part in helping us to defend those values for the future.