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NDY (Not Dead Yet) is a platform that combines club culture with fitness and wellbeing to uplift Queer & Trans people.
by The NDY Team

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Nightclubs are central to Queer culture, and are a life line for those of us who need space to express ourselves and come together freely. However the pandemic showed to us how precarious nightlife spaces are, almost overnight queer people lost vital spaces for us to gather, DJs and promoters lost all their work - and as a community it felt like we were at risk of losing each other.

The spaces we built for each other felt like they were crumbling, it became even more clear than before that Queer and Trans people need more and better support to sustain our mental and physical health. We are not only living within a pandemic but a mental health crisis that our community is disproportionately impacted by.

We want to take up space in the fitness industry as it can often be alienating for Queer and Trans people - normative, gendered, fat-phobic, ableist and toxic attitudes dominate much of the conversation and culture of gyms and fitness spaces.

NDY exists to address these two issues - to help sustain Queer club culture, and also nourish Queer people’s mental and physical health.


NDY are forging new ways for queer people to be together, working in collaboration with iconic queer club nights, we are building a platform that offers fitness and wellbeing sessions that centre the needs and experiences of Queer and Trans people.

Queer nightlife is great - but its not enough - our mission is to help build a thriving “Queer day life” alongside the provision of a curated digital space that operates as a Queer events listings service, and also amplifies marginalised perspectives through storytelling,

NDY was able to provide free digital sessions seven days a week over lockdown 2 & 3 to over two thousand queer bodies and uplifted our community during COVID by highlighting Queer and Trans stories which centered body, spirit & mind.

We have now moved to in person sessions, we’re finally able to meet everyone as we take up space in London’s premium gyms while housing LGBTQIA+ events and mental health resources on our website.

We are building a community and the momentum to start a queer fitness revolution. To garner that momentum we need support… and money :)


Over time we want to develop a more detailed tiered system for subscriptions, with different benefits and services on offer for different monthly payments, however at this early stage your £4 a month will make you one of our founding members, among the first people to support our vision and journey. As a founding member you will have access to exclusive benefits and lots of good karma.

NDY is being built by a small team of Queer and Trans Black and People of Colour. Your subscription will help us become a self-sustaining platform to connect directly to our community, pay queer and trans people fairly for their time, take up much-needed space in the health industry.

Your £4 monthly subscription will also serve as invaluable support for our vision. To secure further funding we need to prove to the big boss money men that people really do care about our mission that queer, trans, cis, allies and whoever else all care about our communities’ health and wellebering, and are invested in building NDY as a community, a platform and a movement.

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