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20 ways to get more newsletter signups

Grow your email list using these quick and easy tips

Email newsletters are essential for growing your community,  especially when you’re preparing a membership program. Email lists consistently offer the most engaged fans and enable you to cultivate a dedicated audience, while maintaining control of your reach, unlike on social media.

So how can you get more people on your email list? Let us count the ways.

1. A well-timed website pop-up

You don’t want the email signup to pop up every time a user visits your website, or on every page. But an occasional, well-placed reminder — for example at the end of a blog post, just when they’re wanting more — can go a long way.

2. A signup box in your website sidebar

Make it as easy to signup as possible by ensuring that users don’t have to click through to another page to sign up. Have the email address box right there, so they can keep reading once they’re done signing up.

3. … and in the footer

4. … and a customized plug at the bottom of every blog post

For example: “Want even more stories about kayaking in New Zealand? Sign up  for our newsletter here.” A plug that riffs on the content they just read is sure to draw them in.

5. Mention the newsletter on your podcast or vlog

6. Regular social media posts that remind your fans about your newsletter

7. Add the signup link to your Instagram bio

8. Add an email signup tab to your Facebook profile

9. Tweet when your newsletter is about to drop

Let your community know when your newsletter is just a couple of hours away so they have one last chance to get on the list. Some people just need a  little hustle!

10. Add a newsletter button to your social media buttons

11. Link to the newsletter signup in your email signature

12. Add a newsletter signup form on your contact page

Visitors to your contact page are clearly already interested in your work. Give them an easy way to stay informed.

Using forms to reach a broader audience

Every form on your website should include a checkbox for newsletter signup.

13. … at the checkout if they’re buying merchandise

14. … answering a survey

15. … entering a competition

16. … submitting a story idea

17. … registering to volunteer

18. … or submitting a comment on your website.

A personal touch

19: Make use of the “Forward to a friend” button

There’s nothing like a personal recommendation. If you want to take it to the next level, you could build an ambassador program and reward your subscribers each time they help get you a new subscriber by recommending your newsletter. The newsletter Morning Brew did this and gained 1.5 million subscribers by word of mouth alone!

20: And finally: remember to offer an easy newsletter signup process at all of your events, whether in person or online.

So there we have it: 20 easy but effective ways to grow your email list.  Just be sure that everyone on your email list has given their consent for you to contact them. In the end, quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb! 

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