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4 rising creators on Steady

These Steady creators just launched and are already generating sustainable funding for their projects.

Here at Steady, we want to celebrate creators who are getting on with building successful futures for their projects. We'll be doing that on our freshened-up homepage (Opens in a new window) and here in our magazine.

In the coming months we'll be featuring a mix of creators – bloggers, podcasters, social media mavens and more – some with a lot of members and others who are just greeting their first supporters.

We hope this will serve as inspiration for your own project.

Here are four recent arrivals to Steady who are already earning an income from their members.

Iran Journal

Iran Journal (Opens in a new window) offers transparent journalism from Iran, independent of state media. Publishing in German, the team has already garnered 285 paying members on Steady.

Benutze Ohr mit Lautsprecher

Benutze Ohr mit Lautsprecher (Opens in a new window) is a German adventure podcast about narrative games by Falko Löffler. It's already got 25 members signed up, who enjoy early access to the podcast and ad-free episodes.

"You only find out whether or not you really find a community with a project by starting it," says Löffler. His message for creators considering memberships? "The hurdles are lower than ever before – so just do it!"


This weekly newsletter on menopause (Opens in a new window) is written by nutritional scientist Susanne Liedtke & Dr. Christina Enzmann. 77 paying members and counting support them to do their great work.


Kobuk! (Opens in a new window) is the media watchblog exposing errors, false reports and structural problems in mass media has already welcomed 53 paying members.

Feeling inspired? Spruce up your Steady page for a spring campaign.

Or try one of these sure-fire campaign strategies:

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