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What do or not during stump removal to enhance safety & efficiency?

by Dakota

Everything works according to a plan. If you are planning to remove a tree from your property, then you need some highly sophisticated tools and help from a guide. But that is just an illusion. There is much more than that you need to take care of.  Cutting a tree is an easy task but it is the tree stump which holds the grip. It is like an institution of the whole tree. Make it clear in your head that in what ways you have to use the axe so that the tree falls in the right direction and it is easy to remove the stump. 

There are many pieces of equipment available in the market, but only a professional knows where to make the first cut. Thousands of DIY videos on YouTube will make no sense if you have not educated yourself regarding this. Initially, you have to search for a few things like whether it is easy to remove a tree stump and if not that deep digging knives are needed which can do the work in one go. Gradually, you will learn what to do or not during stump removal to enhance the safety and efficiency. There are professionals around you like Mckinney Tree Service who are providing excellent service. Below are the steps which come in tree stump removal DO’S.

Tree stump removal DO’S

There are three main steps which one uses to remove the tree stump. The whole roots can be removed through winching, using chemicals or grinding stump.


Winching is like digging the tool deep so that tree stumps can be scooped up. You will get to know more about this if you involve experts from Tree Stump Removal In Mckinney Tx.  A thick rope will hold the grip of the whole stump which will not create any kind of complications.

Using chemicals

There are certain chemicals available in the market which will help in losing the grip from the ground. A fine aged tree expands its roots deeper with time. You can search it online and use it as recommended. On other hand these chemicals will help in keeping birds and other insects away.

Grinding stump

Stump grinding is the oldest form where the roots are grind to the level so that it cannot grow again. You can replace that with soil or grass so that it gets levelled up with soil to avoid any future mishappening. 

Tree stump removal Don’t

Don't leave the stump alone after cutting of the tree

There is no way that your work is done after getting the tree. The main part is the tree stump which can grow with the passage of time. So, this has to be in your mind to let that now grow again. 

Don't burn the residual part

Indeed, you have no idea how deep the tree stump has expanded itself. So if you are thinking of burning the stump then this will be ridiculous. As you will be putting the inner earth at damage. 

Don't use stump killers in spring or early summer season

There is always the right time to use the things. You cannot pick things randomly and  apply it as you are responsible for the aftermath. Putting chemicals to remove tree stump will be used according to season as there are chances of soil depletion.

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