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Literatur/ae.Review (LR) 5 continents, 5 languages, 1 magazine.

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LR is a literary magazine for the whole world.

LR juggles the borders between the global North and the global South, creating new literary maps and connections.

LR juxtaposes literature from Africa, Asia, Latin and South America with literature from the US and Europe.

LR publishes all contributions in Arabic, German, English, French and Spanish.

LR is a literary grab bag of reviews, interviews, columns, casts, essays, portraits and reports.

LR reflects the abundance of life from an aesthetic, sociological or historical point of view.

LR presents the entire spectrum from poetry, prose and graphic novels to youth and children’s literature.

LR publishes poetry and prose.

LR is a research and testing laboratory for language and thought experiments.

LR shows (literary) seas, deserts, jungles, villages and cities from underground to trivial and high literature to mainstream literature.