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I perform music on a variety of instruments, 8-bit computers, and things that I build or repurpose.
by Linus Åkesson

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Hi! My name is Linus. I'm a musician and mad engineer with a soft spot  for 8-bit computers and the sounds they make. My main creative outlet is  my website,, but much of what I post there is also available on YouTube.

I compose for and perform music on a variety of instruments,  synthesizers, 8-bit computers, and things that I build or repurpose such as the Chipophone and the Sixtyforgan.

As an active member of the demoscene, I'm intrigued by procedural art and sizecoding, be it on traditional setups like the Commodore 64 or my own microcontroller-based hardware. I'm also helping others be creative  by developing and sharing tools such as SpindleBlackbird, and sidreloc.

Sometimes I make games, like  Autosokoban and The Impossible Bottle, and occasionally I produce an article or tool that people find genuinely useful, such as  The TTY Demystified or Dialog.

Any money you send my way will first and foremost cover expenses: Electronic components, tools, recording equipment, web hosting, and so on. When that is paid for, any surplus will go towards increasing the  amount of time I can spend on creative projects.

The fruit of my endeavours will be distributed online for free. I don't offer exclusive content for supporters because when I have something good, I  want to release it to the world for eternity, not hide it behind a paywall. But I'll thank all my backers regularly, for instance by listing your individual Steady usernames in some of my videos. And with every new release, you'll know in your heart—and you get to tell all your friends—that you played an important part in making it happen.

In the end, it boils down to this: You've seen my track record. Do you want more? And how often?

Linus Åkesson

P.S. Do this if you'll  enjoy sponsoring my projects. If you'd rather just watch what I do from a distance, that's cool too, and I appreciate your attention!