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JUnit is maintained by a team of passionate volunteers. This is your chance to give back and support the project!
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So far 28 members support Support JUnit with 2.447 € per month

JUnit 5 is the newly developed version of JUnit, the first and most widely used unit testing framework for Java developers. The project’s goal is to create and maintain an up-to-date foundation for developer-side testing on the JVM. This foundation serves as the basis for JUnit’s own new Jupiter test engine but also enables developers of other testing frameworks to easily integrate their work with most IDEs and build tools.

Current work includes supporting every new Java version within a short time frame, fixing bugs in a timely manner, maintaining a detailed user guide as well as extending the framework to many different styles of testing.

We ask you – our users – to support us so we can keep up the pace. We will continue our work on JUnit regardless of how many donations we receive. However, your support would enable us to do so with greater focus and not only on weekends or in our spare time. For example, we – Christian (Opens in a new window), Juliette (Opens in a new window), Marc (Opens in a new window), Matthias (Opens in a new window), and Sam (Opens in a new window) – want to meet regularly and work colocated for a few days or a week in order to get things done faster in face-to-face design and coding sessions. Your donations will help to make that a reality!

Please note that becoming a backer/sponsor does not provide you with any special privileges regarding the project's roadmap. We will continue to collaborate openly with our community on GitHub (Opens in a new window) and release JUnit for and to everyone. In particular, you cannot buy new features, bug fixes, or anything else. We will, however, list you as a supporter on the JUnit website (Opens in a new window), if you want. Depending on the selected plan, we list your name, link it to your website, and include a logo and a short subtitle.