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I write acclaimed books on Tolkien that win awards and are read in 18 languages. Support my work to help me write more.
by John Garth

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It’s 2023 and I’ve been writing books on Tolkien for a quarter-century. So far I’ve written two: Tolkien and the Great War and The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien – or 2½ if you count the shorter Tolkien at Exeter College.

I write my books to enrich the way fans and scholars worldwide understand and appreciate Tolkien’s own writings. They win me awards. They get me interviewed on TV, radio and elsewhere. They bring me opportunities to speak to groups large and small, from Hungary to Houston, Texas. They attract media requests for expert comment and Tolkien-related articles. Between them, my books are currently available in 18 languages.

Despite their value to you and anyone else interested in Tolkien, however they still don’t earn nearly enough to meet basic financial needs, let alone the cost of research and writing – travel, books, equipment and, above all, TIME. So it’s a battle between writing books and earning a living, mostly as a freelance editor. The more freelancing I need to do, the less time I can spend researching and writing. The more interruptions, the less the momentum.

So in the spirit of a wandering storyteller in ancient times, I’ve come here to ask for your support, and to offer something in return. For a start, there will be exclusive video blogs from my travels in which I give my thoughts on points pertinent to Tolkien’s life and work. I’m going to continue to give thought to what extras I can offer you, my supporters, without stealing too much from my writing time. But know that you will certainly be helping me do what I’m uniquely good at – and the result will be more exceptional books about Tolkien.

Do join me!

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