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Help John Garth explore Tolkien’s life and works

I write acclaimed books on Tolkien that win awards and are read in 18 languages. Support my work to help me write more.
by John Garth

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So far 40 members support John Garth on Tolkien’s life and works with £292 per month

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58% of £500 per month reached
£500 a month would fund at least three days’ solid work. That's more than half a week free from the need to earn freelance income in other way. And it's a real step towards regular progress on a book.

I write books about one of the most influential authors of modern times. I’m deeply proud of Tolkien and the Great War, The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien and the shorter Tolkien at Exeter College. It’s taken me a quarter century to write this much, but I still have much more to say on Tolkien. 

So in the spirit of a wandering storyteller in ancient times, I ask for your support and offer something in return.

My books sell in 18 languages, win awards, and enrich how we understand and appreciate Tolkien’s works. But books in general don’t earn nearly enough to cover the costs involved in research and writing – travel, equipment, literature and, above all, TIME. For most authors, writing and earning a living are often actually in conflict. Many others who write about Tolkien have academic salaries and institutional support. I don't. I make most of my income as a freelance editor. And the more time I spend freelancing, the less I have for researching and writing.

That's why I’ve set up this Steady crowdfunding project.

As a supporter, you’ll receive regular treats in your inbox, also available to members as posts on this website. They’ll include:

● Insights into hugely varied aspects of Tolkien’s life, inspirations and creative genius

● News about my talks, research trips and publications

● Reports on my progress with research and writing

● Thoughts about my experiences of writing and research

I’ll gradually be making available older, previously published articles and papers too.

You can also help by making this a venue for conversation. If my posts spark your own thoughts, I invite you to jump in with your own comments. Soon I hope we can talk directly too, such as via online Q&As, a chat room, Zoom sessions.

Those who have helped me most, whether by dialogue or by funding, will be thanked in print. And simply by supporting this crowdfunding project, all of you will help me do what I’m uniquely good at – so that you can read more exceptional books about Tolkien.

Please join me!