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Planetary Knowledge Core

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The planetary knowledge core

All around the world, thousands of users are accessing and editing the new online encyclopedia for the 21st Century, Infogalactic, which styles itself the Planetary Knowledge Core™. Conceived as a next-generation replacement for Wikipedia, the troubled online encyclopedia, Infogalactic is a dynamic fork of Wikipedia that is designed to supplant its predecessor by addressing the problems of bias, vandalism, harassment, abuse, and inaccuracy that have plagued the Wikimedia Foundation’s flagship project for years. 

Infogalactic plans to solve the structural problems of a community-edited online encyclopedia through objectivity, proven game design principles, and a sophisticated series of algorithms. Currently in an operational Phase One, the Planetary Knowledge Core has a five-phase Roadmap that its founders claim will eliminate edit warring, significantly improve accuracy, neutralize vandalism and other forms of griefing, and render all forms of political bias on the part of administrators and editors irrelevant. 

The Seven Canons

The fundamental principles of Infogalactic are summarized in the Seven Canons. 

1. Infogalactic does not define reality.

2. Infogalactic is written from an objective point of view.

3. Infogalactic is free content.

4. No griefing.

5. Play nice and play fair.

6. Rules are guidelines for users, not chew toys for lawyers.

7. Facts are facts.

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Infogalactic is a private corporation supported by donations and advertising revenue and the tremendous effort of our TechStars who mostly work for free.

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