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Unique HC/Punk/Screamo/Indie-Shirts

Unique HC/Punk/Screamo/Indie-Shirts
by indepentees

At (Opens in a new window) you get shirts from bands from the hardcore, punk, emo, screamo and indie area, from which never, or only rarely shirts are offered. All shirts are officially approved by the bands.

Since we print digitally, there is no cost for screen printing or other upfront costs, and we don’t have to print a certain number of pieces. We print each shirt only when you order. Therefore, there is no cost for the bands. We also take care of the design for the motifs. Each band can determine the selling price, and the amount, how much and to which organization should be donated. That’s why the prices are different.

If you as a band are also interested or know a band that comes into question, feel free to write to us.

Stay healthy!